18 January 2007

Single Shot

NOW AT The Cornerhouse www.cornerhouse.org sharing Film and Video Umbrella's Single Shot Commissions

23 June 2006


Blink will give a talk at the Kinsgton University Digital Future event on 29 June 2- 5pm.

Find out more -
Lisa will talk about
Pocket Shorts, films for mobile phones and Bluevend ; the evolution of an idea and the importance of ?made-for? content.

Contact Amanda Sleet for details.

28 March 2006

Pocket Shortsagogo

The next Pocket Shorts and Bluevend presentation is set for this thursday at the Mobile Arts and Experiments Seminar at the Pixelache - the festival of electronic arts and subcultures. Check out the programme and drop if you want to hear all about it.

02 February 2006

One Take films

29 January 2006

Rotterdam International Film Festival

We have been in Rotterdam for four days now and Bluevend is being hammered like never before. I am happy to say it is presented well in a prime festival loctaion, in the entrance of the Lanterens Venster Cinema cafe. It is busy from 9am till 2pm and there never seems to be a time when BV is left alone. The One Take Competition is going well too. Festival registered directors from all over the world are using N70 Nokias to make films of up to 2 mins. Nicky Cogan from Dark Light and I will be part of the One Take selection panel tomorrow night - there should be about 17 films to choose from by then - the winner will receive a 500Euro prize fund. Aart Helder - our man in Rotterdam and manager of One Take - has been working night and day to sign up new directors, and with us is learning how to shoot and edit film on mobiles and make them compatible with Bluevend. Some mean task. As always though Dan is doing the monster share of work - programming and reprogramming, making the transfer faster and all this in a busy cafe full of curious filmsters. It's been hard though not without reward - today we are looking forward to some Exploding television today www.explodingtelevision.net.


29 November 2005

Brief Encounters

Bluevend has just made its second appearance at the last but undoubeltler the best UK short film festival of the year Bristol at Brief Encounters.

Good news for BLUEVEND
We are just about to start the next round of Pocket Shorts commissions and enjoyed a growing micro short filmmaking boom both for cinema and mobile phone audiences - there are even film festivals dedicated to the cause springing up such as the Pocket Film Festival in Paris and Taiwan . We are currently negotiating with some of the world top film festivals who have expressed an interest in having Bluevend as part of their programme in 2006. If all goes well our passports are going to be red hot.

Blink have recently applied for a MELT award a unique fund managed by The Culture Company which supports South Yorkshire creative companies and their partners to devlop new cross platform ideas. We hoep to work again with The Designers Republic, artists and product designers to take Bluevend to its second stage of development to make new cases for a range of contexts.

28 August 2005

Back at the ranch

Today is the last day of the EIFF which marks the end of Bluevends first successful outing. We left on the 24th after a thorough presentation on mobile phone film making facilitated by Jason Hall our Pocket Shorts counterpart from Scotland. Bluevend is to be packed up and sent back to us tomorrow. Fingers crossed it will get back to us in one piece. The Bluevend 2005 tour will be announced soon as will any associated presentations made by ourselves. At the moment we will be in Bradford (illuminate October05 launch), Leeds International Film Festival. We are talking with Brief Encounters, Bristol too but full details will be released soon.

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