19 August 2005

Day Off

As Bluevend is now bug free and fitted with a log file we decided to take a day off and get ourselves on the free gallery tour bus. The sun shone, Henri Cartier Bresson http://www.nationalgalleries.org/ delivered as always and we have a new guest. The lovley Hugh Wilson, brother of our very own Andrew. Andy Sykes left today after putting in some Bluevend attendance which we thank him for along with his company last night around the carefully considered pubs of Edinburgh. http://www.bestpubs.co.uk/layout0.asp?pub=105816

Jimmy Carr : Off The Telly tonight let's hope he is a little sharper than Richard Herring who was only entertaining. Star spotting Hilly from Red Dwarf beakfasting in Cafe Italia, Jerry Sadowitz striding about incognito in a black top hat and Alan Davies zipping up his jacket outside the Assembly Hall. Showbiz.

Full day of work tomorrow.

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