18 August 2005

Day Three

Andy Sykes the director of Evil Fun with Zimmy joined the crusade today. Bluevend after a few more code chnges is working consistently well. Dan has added a log file so we can check on activity during the day. We stopped short of installing a BV web cam so we could user watch from the flat, though it was tempting for a while. Two Andy's and I are planning a hard sell approach tomorrow and maybe consider a new location as BV is on a plinth instead of a wall (as originally hoped) we can move it around the place. Maybe in the delegates cafe maybe near Scottish Screen to be with our Celtic counterparts. We could even disguise it as a bush so it can creep up on unsuspecting video phone owners. Tec - progress report : Some of the films are taking longer to download than originaly expected the shorter 15 second films coming down within 1 minute and the longer films using more action and complex imagery on occasion taking as long at 3 minutes. The success rate is near 100% though now. Off to watch Richard Herring tonight as we are all in need of some light entertainment.

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