12 August 2005


With over 65 million videophones already in use, most of us have the means to shoot, edit, screen and distribute our own films. Also, manufacturers such as Mitsubishi are designing projectors which they expect to be used in mobiles within 5 years. This means filmmakers will have the ability to show films anywhere and everywhere. Network operators and major broadcasters are starting to recognise the potential of mobile phone filmmaking, a fact that offers a rare opportunity for creatives to actually make money.

In Nov 05, NESTA enabled Yorkshire creative technology company BLINK to launch Pocket Shorts commissions. Eight new shorts made especially for a small screen audience will be available for free download to phones at EIFF 05 this August.

Among the mix of live action and animation shorts on offer is Andy Sykes? ?Evil Fun With Zimmy?, a 60 second tale about being disillusioned with a novelty bar of soap. ?My Inner Short?, by Matthew Austin, is a series of 4 x 15 second shorts based on four of the most popular text messages - such as ?Where are You?? Last but not least is ?While You Are Waiting? by Andrew Quinn and Gary McKeown, a series of 4 x 15? live action sound scapes which reveal that rhythm is all around us even when we are waiting for a kettle to boil.

To retain the integrity of these mini works of art Pocket Shorts films will be presented via a brand new custom-made device. BLUEVEND is a wall-mounted Bluetooth vending machine designed for the wireless distribution of creative mobile phone content. POCKETS SHORTS and BLUEVEND is for everyone who baffled with WAP, tired of ?Crazy Frog? and who is unsure of the safety of buying anything by mobile.

Get your free Pocket Shorts films via BLUEVEND from 17-28 August in the EIFF Delegates Centre.

Director of BLINK Lisa Roberts said,

?Our vision is to break down the barriers to success such as lack of money and resources. Pocket shorts and Bluevend offer new opportunities for filmmakers who want to explore new, exiting and more pervasive platforms?

Pocket Shorts Scotland was launched this year with additional partners expecting to join the scheme in 2006.

POCKET SHORTS presentation
Filmhouse Cinema, Lothian Road, Edinburgh - Tue 23 Aug - 5:45pm
With a panel of industry experts and a premiere screening of the English Pocket Shorts films, this event promises a unique insight into the prospects, pitfalls and the pocket-sized wonders of this burgeoning new field.

Useful links www.pocketshorts.co.uk: www.blinkmedia.org: www.edfilmfest.org.uk
www.nesta.org.uk: www.textually.org/picturephoning: www.filmhousecinema.com

Lisa Roberts lisa@blinkmedia.org
01484 301805

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