29 November 2005

Brief Encounters

Bluevend has just made its second appearance at the last but undoubeltler the best UK short film festival of the year Bristol at Brief Encounters.

Good news for BLUEVEND
We are just about to start the next round of Pocket Shorts commissions and enjoyed a growing micro short filmmaking boom both for cinema and mobile phone audiences - there are even film festivals dedicated to the cause springing up such as the Pocket Film Festival in Paris and Taiwan . We are currently negotiating with some of the world top film festivals who have expressed an interest in having Bluevend as part of their programme in 2006. If all goes well our passports are going to be red hot.

Blink have recently applied for a MELT award a unique fund managed by The Culture Company which supports South Yorkshire creative companies and their partners to devlop new cross platform ideas. We hoep to work again with The Designers Republic, artists and product designers to take Bluevend to its second stage of development to make new cases for a range of contexts.

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