29 January 2006

Rotterdam International Film Festival

We have been in Rotterdam for four days now and Bluevend is being hammered like never before. I am happy to say it is presented well in a prime festival loctaion, in the entrance of the Lanterens Venster Cinema cafe. It is busy from 9am till 2pm and there never seems to be a time when BV is left alone. The One Take Competition is going well too. Festival registered directors from all over the world are using N70 Nokias to make films of up to 2 mins. Nicky Cogan from Dark Light and I will be part of the One Take selection panel tomorrow night - there should be about 17 films to choose from by then - the winner will receive a 500Euro prize fund. Aart Helder - our man in Rotterdam and manager of One Take - has been working night and day to sign up new directors, and with us is learning how to shoot and edit film on mobiles and make them compatible with Bluevend. Some mean task. As always though Dan is doing the monster share of work - programming and reprogramming, making the transfer faster and all this in a busy cafe full of curious filmsters. It's been hard though not without reward - today we are looking forward to some Exploding television today www.explodingtelevision.net.


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